Configure inittab


To configure InitTab you will need the following:
  • a installed and supported operating system (e.g. CentOS)
  • root-access

Preliminary Note

While during Setup and Testing it is quite useful to have X and the Gnome-Desktop-Environment at hand in Produktion it is very seldom necessary.

Therefore we install the graphical environment but disable it by default in production use.

Configure inittab

vim /etc/inittab

Set the default runlevel to "3" and reboot the system.

Start X/Gnome-Desktop-Environment

There are 3 possibilities:
  1. change back the default runlevel in inittab to 5 and reboot
    this requires a restart which is most likely not what you want
  2. init 5, will set the runlevel imediatly
    return to runlevel 3 is not possible, the system will stay in runlevel 5 until reboot
  3. log in as a user and startx
    as soon as you log-out you will return to console and stay in runlevel 3