Install Procedure for yum-cron


To install yum-cron you will need the following:
  • a installed and supported operating system (e.g. CentOS 6.x)
  • root-access
  • a fast internet connection

Preliminary Note

This procedure is based on a documentation supplied by

yum-cron allows for automated updates of CentOS.

Install yum-cron

yum install yum-cron

Configure yum-cron

the configuration of yum-cron happens by

vim /etc/sysconfig/yum-cron

most settings may be left with default values, maybe you want to send the output to someone else but yourself

Automatic yum-cron

Manually start the service

/etc/init.d/yum-cron start

you can set the runlevels of yum-cron by
chkconfig yum-cron on

you can check the runlevels by
/sbin/chkconfig --list yum-cron

you should get an output like:
yum-cron     0:off   1:off   2:on   3:on   4:on   5:on   6:off